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"After my divorce, I had $200,000 from my divorce settlement and just $1100 a month from Social Security. I had $3,000 in monthly expenses and was concerned about running out of money. Michael explained how I could purchase a $200,000 home, payoff all my bills, live on my Social Security and keep $100,000 in the bank for emergencies.... Thank you, Michael." - Kay

"I earned more than 30% on my IRA over the last 2 years from market gains. It's locked in with my Principal and I can never lose it regardless of what the market does. Thank you for the help with our investments." Bert & Barb

“"After meeting with Michael, we learned how to save over $3,000 a year in taxes using his advice. The savings will make a big difference in our lifestyle. We planned our cruise with this years savings. Thank you for your help!" - Karl and Marilyn  

"We were able to increase our income almost 20% and pay less taxes thanks to you recommendation. We've already referred many a few of our friends to visit with you. Thank you." - Bob & Geri

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